Twice baked potato casserole

Twice baked potato casserole


  • 1-1/2 lbs reddish potatoes (about 6 medium), baked
  • 1/4 tsp sodium
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 1 pound sliced sausage, cooked and crumbled
  • 3 cups bitter cream
  • 2 glasses shredded mozzarella dairy products
  • 2 glasses shredded cheddar dairy products
  • 2 environmentally friendly red onion, sliced


  • Preheat stove to 350°. Minimize prepared carrots into 1-in. cubes. Location half within a greased 13×9-in. baking recipe. Sprinkle with half of the salt, pepper and sausage. Leading with one half of the sour cream and cheeses. Repeat layers.
  • Bake, uncovered, 20-25 a few minutes or until cheeses are dissolved. Spread with red onion.

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  • Warm potatoes may be difficult to minimize, plus they don’t hold their form. Great completely before cubing them.
  • This can be a rich formula deserving of special occasions, but you can shave a couple of calories by reduction of the bad product and dairy products. Try out 2 servings of sour lotion and 3 glasses total of shredded cheeses.
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    Like some of the other testers, I’ve produced this recipe from the time it appeared within a Preference of House holiday assortment I found at a food store. a long time ago. I acknowledge that model referred to as for additional carrots and I’ve constantly utilized a little much less bitter lotion. However for Easter time this coming year, I altered it a little reading many of these testimonials. I produced one particular 9×13 then one 2-qt casserole using about 7 pounds of carrots. I minimize/experienced/roasted the carrots inside the oven the night time prior to, cooled them immediately, brought them to space temp, then assembled the casseroles just before baking on Easter. For your red onion, I sliced a sweet onion, then softened the onion somewhat within the micro-wave and stirred it into the sour cream before adding the bad product towards the formula. I do believe it was the most effective this casserole has ever turned out. Acquired plenty of enhances and individuals were happy to take home the handful of leftovers there were.

    I adore twice cooked carrots so this casserole is definitely one particular I’ll try. I understand beforehand that I won’t use the volume of bad lotion called for because of previous knowledge of the overwhelming flavor when I’ve produced twice baked potatoes. My solution to which is to replacement French Onion scratch dip for any area of the bad product. Furthermore it remove the bad cream aftertaste but it brings a nice taste to the potatoes! It’s a simple, simple answer.

    Could you boil the potatoes beforehand? Or just how long would be the potatoes said to be cooked in advance?

    I have employed this menu for years at Christmas time. This is a loved ones favored and easy to make in advance. Following it really is produced, I put in the slow cooker to heat up Christmas time morning for dinner later that day.

    I’ve made this often and agree with a earlier commenter, the volume of potato continues to be altered. I personally use russets (well scrubbed with skin kept on) due to the fact I prefer a starchy potato for this particular dish and make use of about 3 pounds. We get about 8 reasonable size parts. Skimpy parts are not permitted inside my kitchen. I like to cube the potatoes and roast them inside a huge cooking meal before hand. I also dual the amount of sea salt and black color pepper to 1/2 tsp. Two times cooked carrots certainly are a favorite of equally my partner and me which casserole reaches the spot.

    I actually have made this formula several times, just as it states. Towards the peoplethat don’t approve of the recipe, all I can say is that you simply significantly not likea loaded potato. This is simply a huge packed potato. It’s great.Should you don’t have enough potato, choose larger sized potatoes. My potatoesare most likely med/lg. In the event you haven’t tried the menu, you may besurprised to discover that all the constituents work well. Try it out ! ! !Many thanks Preference of House, one does a great job! ! ! !

    I initially made this menu many years in the past. The model I published in the past merely mentioned “6 medium carrots”. When changing my dishes from document to electronic digital, I observed the potato sort and volume has evolved, now being “1 1/2 pounds red-colored carrots.” 6 medium russet potatoes are definitely different in bulk to 1 1/2 pounds red carrots! I did so attempt to the red potato volume is unquestionably not adequate for the amount of other ingredients in the formula. If volumes are well-balanced a lot more appropriately, recipe is fantastic!

    bwilkin-I accept you 100%. today at Albertsons I purchased a 10lb handbag of potatoes > vacations requirements available for sale. should you do the mathematics waaaay to a lot added things not in close proximity to sufficient potato ratio. I just think it is a misprint.

    When the critic thinks this can be vile, it isn’t an overview could it be?? It’s a menu which is a take care of, not some thing one would get ready every day. It’s just like a filled cooked potato on a lavish level. Perhaps the person who “thinks” this really is vile, ought to visit a much more mundane foods site. one particular for those who are scared of meals. It’s all in how moderate you might be. BTW, my choice was to scale back a little on the bad cream and dairy products. I eliminated the mozzarella and used cheddar and jack, additional just a little garlic cloves natural powder and chives. It was excellent with steak tips and environmentally friendly beans with mushrooms. It is a bona fide overview simply because i just made it.

    This appears to be vile. Absolutely no way I’ll do this. “Flavor of Residence” you truly overlooked the tag on choosing this as the “Recipe Throughout The Day”.

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