Low country boil

Low country boil

This formula for a low country boil is a simple a single. It is strongly recommended to use about 1/2 mug of Aged Bay seasoning or Zatarain’s Crab Boil for each 5 to 6 quarts water.

This menu can also be known as Beaufort stew or Frogmore stew and is also so named for locations within the Low Country of To the south Carolina. Even though, this dish will not be a stew at all—it is the perfect example of a one-cooking pot, boiled dinner. Frogmore is the mailing address for your residents of St. Helena Isle just off of the To the south Carolina coast, and Beaufort is actually a city on Dock Royal Isle, yet another one of South Carolina’s seaside isles.

The amounts within this recipe differ in accordance with the variety of guests you might be wanting. You should change your water level and seasoning depending on the level of shrimp you prepare food and the number of individuals you assist. You will require at the very least one half-pound of shrimp for each individual. You will want a minumum of one total-measured potato for each particular person, too.

Deliver the seasoning to some boil in water and follow the directions. Each of the gear you need for this particular shrimp boil is a huge stockpot and a burner (or campfire).

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