Cheesy chicken and rice

Cheesy chicken and rice

This Creamy and Cheesy Chicken and Rice will be the ULTIMATE comfort and ease foods menu. Nutritious brown rice, made fowl, and plenty of cheeses all swimming within a decadent, however more healthy sauce. This chicken and rice casserole is one menu that everybody loves.

I start off this recipe with shredded leftover selfmade rotisserie poultry and selfmade poultry carry, but you can velocity this food on top of commercially made stock and rotisserie chicken.

Do you have a preferred loved ones menu?

My family’s all time preferred is Foamy and Cheap Poultry and Rice Casserole. This chicken and rice casserole is easy, preferences very indulgent, and attracts pretty much every palate–including youngsters!!

Creamy Cheesy Chicken and Rice

I must be honest, once i listen to Chicken and Rice Casserole, I don’t get excessively excited. This recipe is absolutely nothing unique or spicy or extravagant.

BUT every single time I allow it to be my family grins ear canal to ear, and I have Never ever offered this fowl and rice bake to ANYONE that didn’t enjoy it.

That is why I am just ALWAYS creating a increase batch and stashing one in the freezer–it cooks food up completely through the freezer.

And trust me after i let you know Corny Chicken and Rice is the food you should make for anyone who is wanting comfort and ease. It always delivers!

How you can make Chicken and Rice Casserole

  1. Prepare Casserole dish by casually buttering.
  2. Melt butter in to a method saucepan above method higher heat.
  3. Stir in garlic clove and cook for one minute.
  4. Whisk in flour, chopped thyme, salt and pepper and prepare for 1 minute to prepare off unprocessed flour taste.
  5. Slowly whisk in dried up white colored red wine (if using) and fowl carry, whisking constantly.
  6. Whisk till thicker and almost boiling hot then mix in cheeses right up until dissolved.
  7. Blend in made rice and chicken.
  8. Transfer to your 913 ” baking meal.
  9. Leading with a lot more cheddar cheese, if preferred.
  10. Make for 25-thirty minutes or till dairy products is dissolved through.

Gluten Free Chicken and Rice Casserole

  • Rather than building a rue with flour and butter, combine 2 Tablespoons cornstarch with 2 Tablespoons of the fowl broth with each other.
  • Burn butter in saucepan.
  • Add the rest of the poultry carry towards the melted butter and bring to a simmer.
  • Whisk within the cornstarch mixture to the fowl supply.
  • Then bring to a boil and simmer until thickened.
  • Stick to leftover steps mentioned previously.

Tips for Home made Poultry and Rice Casserole

  • Make this casserole faster by stocking your freezer with homemade poultry supply, made poultry and even prepared rice. But go ahead and use what you have: shop-acquired fowl supply, leftover rotisserie chicken, or chicken boiled and shredded.
  • If you don’t have clean thyme–do not be concerned!! It provides an extra covering of flavour i appreciate, but is totally not required. 1 tsp of dried up thyme works too.
  • White colored vino provides a wealthy depth of flavour for this poultry and rice casserole, but is not necessary, just change with an extra 1/4 cup of fowl stock.
  • If you wish to create Cheap Poultry and Rice with Broccoli, merely put into two servings of chopped steamed broccoli for the casserole before baking.
  • The recipe’s nutrition was determined with all the full quantity of cheeses (3 1/2 cups). I leave the cheese off the leading often and it is continue to scrumptious. You may also reduce the butter by one half and have the great taste genuine butter increases a meal nevertheless. In case you are dieting and need to view your fat, conserve a few calorie consumption here and there by simply following individuals suggestions, but this can be REAL food.

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Poultry and Rice Casserole Menu

Creamy and Cheap Chicken and Rice


  • 4 Tbs butter
  • 2 Tbs clean minced garlic clove
  • 2 glasses shredded made fowl breasts
  • 4 mugs steamed brown rice 4 cups Following food preparation This can be 1 cup uncooked brownish rice
  • 1/4 glass all goal unbleached flour
  • 1 tsp kosher sodium
  • 1 tsp dark pepper
  • 1/4 cup white red wine or further chicken carry
  • 2 glasses poultry broth
  • 2 mugs shredded cheddar cheese
  • Top with 1 1/2 Mugs shredded cheddar cheese recommended
  • 1 Tbs fresh chopped thyme recommended


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Hi there, I am just Kristen, inventor of any Mind “Full” Mommy. In my opinion that making a nutritious family meal does not must be hard or expensive! I adore nothing but to share with you tasty alternatives for your hungry family members.


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I very first discovered this recipe 4+ years back when I was dairy products-free of charge. I left out the cheeses, plus it was still the most remarkable, flavorful rice casserole! I still get to this very day (with cheese) because it’s so superior to some of the “cream of” recipes!

Oh yeah Kaitlin! I am so glad you identified this recipe once you necessary it and you continue to enjoy these days! Be grateful for taking the time to depart an evaluation

I would personally fascination with this to become a freeze forward food! Have you got any ideas for very cold/thawing/reheating ?

Hi Josey! As a result a fantastic lock in advance food. I might prep as directed up to preparing. Place in freezer and stove risk-free box (like throw away foil tin) and Deal with properly with foil. Lock for up to three months. To reheat Foamy Cheap Poultry and Rice: From fridge, bake at 350 levels for 60 minutes protected, and then uncovered for 15 further minutes. I actually have found some ovens require more time, but this can be a pretty good regular. In the event you thaw in fridge over night, I would personally bake for thirty minutes included and 10 minutes exposed.

I adore the ingredients and the fact that I will make this with out “cream of…” broth. I was let down because the garlic cloves taste was a little bit overpowering. I really like garlic and it was practically excessive for me personally. I examined and re-inspected to make sure that I had been appropriate in adding 2 Tablespoons, which turned out to be 4 pressed garlic cloves cloves. I ceased when this occurs although I could have additional much more to complete the two tablespoons. I intend to repeat the process and lower the amount of garlic cloves and perhaps substitute some moderate cheddar, since my children truly prefer much more bland food . Be grateful for a great bottom menu!

I believe you may Love this in the event you scale back the garlic cloves (we like garlic clove in this particular residence, but I are able to see if you don’t it might be overwhelming!)

Loved it! I prepare a great deal and our family said here is the finest fowl and rice recipe I’ve available. Super easy as well!

That makes me so pleased Corrie! Thanks for sharing that.

Amazing. Filled with taste! I very first questioned the work load, however it ended up being getting quite simple and the reward was worth it! A basic childhood formula made in to anything even BETTER! Ingesting final night’s leftovers as I sort this… will completely make once again- a huge strike, and extremely affordable!

It isn’t my quickest recipe…that is made for certain. Happy you found the effort and time worth the outcome

Really delicious. I employed a shop purchased rotisserie fowl, and it also added a little extra taste. Getting excited about the leftovers the next day or afterwards this evening. (:

I am so pleased you appreciated Katie! I personally use my home made rotisserie chicken usually for your added taste too.

Hi I just identified your blog site and this recipe and I am so excited to give it a shot. I actually do have one concern – I’ve never frosty food just before but I love the concept of building a double batch and very cold a single. Would you prepare it initially and then freeze out or just put together and freeze?
thanks a lot!

Hi Tammy! So glad you identified me and this formula. For this particular chicken and rice casserole, you can freeze out just before baking given that all things are precooked. Enjoy!!

I’m causeing this to be this evening! Appears so excellent and i also really like the selfmade marinade!

I really hope you love!

Just asking yourself basically if i could use fowl thighs as opposed to fowl breasts?

Completely! Cooked chicken upper thighs can be substituted without any problems.

Hello! I was questioning if instead of cooking it in the oven could it be put in a slow cooker instead? Have an office lunch and desired to bring this and figured it would be simpler to bring in a slow cooker than attempt to find a way to cozy it up. Thank you for any suggestions!

Hello Ashleigh! This menu ought to function in slow cooker. Be sure to prepare as instructed up to creating and pour into greased crock pot. The casserole dish can be a somewhat more loose than if prepared, but nonetheless delicious! Prepare on low for 4-5 hours and revel in!

Thanks! Is going to be attempting it this weekend.

Tell us the way the crock pot edition turns out!

Love this menu! Do you conserve the remaining water and use it? Such a excellent flavor using the pineapple liquid.

Hey Casey! Do you mean to ask if I help save the pineapple fruit juice from my Immediate Pot Poultry Breast formula? I really do use that liquid to create Bar-b-que sauce or even in a mix fry–so good!

Produced this for dinner today! Sooo scrumptious! The homemade cream of fowl marinade is certainly entering my reserve for future quality recipes. So a lot better than canned! I actually do feel I’ll try white colored rice and a crispy crust at the top the next time however. Many thanks for this menu!

I adore which you enjoyed this recipe a lot Ashley! (Along with a crispy topping a very good idea!!)

This is surprisingly great! I used to be concerned it will be as well “kid food” for anyone to take pleasure from, but all of us performed. I decided use white colored rice and also to range from the 2 cups of gently steamed broccoli and decreased the butter as recommended. I employed a mixture of cheeses based upon what I had plus it was really forgiving. I actually do believe the chicken, rice, and broccoli need to be tossed with each other inside a large combining bowl THEN put the cheeses marinade, but that’s a minor issue.

Oh Mary I am just SO happy you appreciated this recipe. And like I say within the menu, nothing relating to this recipe on paper excites me, only one nibble and that i Like it me personally. And fantastic tip to toss the poultry with rice together before adding the marinade. Have a fantastic evening!

My daughters preferred meal is poultry and rice. My mother in regulation can make it on her and she adores it and I really wanted to discover ways to produce a great meal for her. I’m an novice in terms of food preparation and i also was actually a small intimidated by this menu, however i am so glad I decided to make it! I didn’t have thyme accessible having said that i used basil plus it became available fantastic anyhow! I am just certainly preserving this recipe. It’s AMAZING.

Oh yeah Sierra, I am just so satisfied you offered this recipe a go for your child! I am hoping that you may be make it time and again!

My family (mainly) loved this menu. I made the gluten free of charge version, but missed the “add to the rest of the soups stock” stage (as an idiot) along with to seafood out your awful gummy mess I created towards the bottom in the pan *eyeroll* But in the end, it didn’t have to have the thickener. I also additional frozen peas and corn, and used Colby and Mozzarella cheese (the ones I had available). Another adjustment I created is in the soup – after i had taken my soups out of the refrigerator it had been growing mildew so I couldn’t apply it, but I wanted to do this menu so I made it with normal water. The outcome was perfect uniformity, but just a little boring. My child adored it, as bland as it was. My daughter and I required a bit of sodium to round out the dish. I can’t hold out to really make it once again with no-moldy broth, I’m gambling it will be amazing.

Oh Jennie–it sounds like you had very time which makes this recipe! We have been there before. And also you are right–the carry will make this A lot more flavorful. I am hoping you try it quickly

Hello, and thanks for the menu. I altered it a little:
I parboiled the rice, sliced fresh red onion, celery, parsley, rosemary, and thyme and cooked them in 6 tablespoons of butter together with the garlic clove before you make my roux. Then I used a mix of bone tissue broth (for nutrition), chicken broth, and milk (for creaminess). I topped it with the cheeses as opposed to mixing it in.

It was delicious! Really flavorful!

Thanks for revealing your changes Lisa. I LOVE adding fresh herbal treatments and greens, but the kids not so a lot! I am so glad you loved this recipe

May I make this each morning and adhere inside the refrigerator till I prepare inside the oven just before supper?

Totally Ashley! I do that a lot me personally. In fact, I will frequently lock at that point to have accessible for hectic days and nights

I needed some vegetable pilaf remaining from yesterday, and a few made hot fowl prepared this morning. I fried the sliced and diced fowl in garlic butter – no, no person inside our loved ones right here understands anything about dieting plus they are adhering to a traditional genuine butter and lotion diet regime, instead of starving them selves of correct nourishing nourishment – and, when i do not like thyme, I really added a crunch of seasoning sodium to the flour and butter mix not to mention cayenne pepper. Following that, I started assembling the layers around the preparing holder.
Lowermost coating, rice. Accompanied by poultry layer. Then this layer of onions and plenty of cheeses, then rice, then remaining chicken and some pieces of cut ham and bacon that i experienced fried ahead of time in garlic butter, in order that I had plenty of bacon lard/garlic cloves butter. Blend, for use for some sprinkling at the last time as well as for other future culinary arts uses. – I cannot withstand ham and sausage, using garlic cloves butter to fry them. Sorry, I do not use canola, simply because all things considered, we Army men utilized to use the same canola manufactured in a manufacturer and offered as commercial grade oil within the nineties, to lubricate the Frosty automobile components In Alaska or in other wintry regions. Until, obviously somebody determined, hey, allow us to offer canola to guys worldwide as an edible oils. Call it veggie oil, and those individuals are going to take in anything, as being a cooking spray.
So, butter, or clarified butter is the cooking method or olive oil or coconut oils, or real sesame oils, unrefined.
Properly, the last layer of course is of cheese, following I actually have spread the soup sauce on the diverse tiers. Final sprinkling, white-colored pepper, some Himalayan sea salt, and simply a little cayenne – I really like cayenne flakes.
This was meant to last me as much as tomorrow afternoon, but I usually do not think any vestige from it will almost certainly go into the refrigerator. Having created rice, poultry with white colored sauce prior to, and cheese, I know how scrumptious it really is, when removed from the oven, particularly a cool winter’s evening!
Bon appetit!

Properly be grateful for your edition of the menu

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